Welcome to AppsForce

What is a business system *slash* application platform service *slash* server app store?

Business System

Every business is a sum of small parts.
AppsForce is a tool so adaptable it can shape into any business system, and serve any small to medium business.

Application Platform Service

AppsForce is the control-tower, a platform from which all other business components are added and connected. You choose the ones you need.

Server App Store

The App Store is the easiest way to find business cloud apps and customise AppsForce to perfectly suit your needs.

Read on, but only if

• you are (becoming) a small or a medium sized business owner
• you find the existing solutions too complex, too expensive and too technical
• managing accounts, security, privacy and so on gives you headaches

We are also a small business

We got tired of Google, Microsoft and Apple apps and systems, software like Salesforce, Sage and all other not-quite solutions.

We tried

all the cloud-based alternatives, we’re not even going to try to list them

We got stuck

with domains, hosting, T&Cs, CMS, SEO, e-commerce and the required time to set it all up. Only for it to barely function at best. They tell us ‘it is what it is’. Business tools built to serve all, yet practically manage to serve none.

Find out more about us

Who are the people behind the curtain?


We built a system to change all that

A system designed for Small And Medium Enterprises.

Why did we do it?

What were we thinking?


A solution just for you. Because you're going to build it.

We built

Something simple, private and secure.

And amazingly powerful at the same time.

We give you

the tools to be disruptive, successful dare we say – visionary!

For free.

What does it do?

I want to know it all

Spend 5 minutes on this site.

it might be better than stalking your ex on facebook

Very Important Facts

Fact 1

In five minutes, you will have your own domain, private computer in the cloud, operating system and admin portal, all setup and configured with no technical knowledge required. All of that for a fiver! Or a pint of beer.

Fact 2

We don’t want to know anything about your business. No analytics, no access, no back-doors, no anonymous data-collection.

Fact 3

In five additional minutes, you can install a few apps and get your digital control tower (accounting, HR, CMS, CRM, File hosting, full Office Suit, email, etc.) all set up and running. Cost? ...Nothing. Zilch. Free!

Fact 4

We don’t charge per MB, CPU, month or anything else – No limits!

Get your fingers dirty

Play with AppsForce.

Fact 22

Once your team grows and you need many people to use a specific app, you buy a license or a subscription... or get multiple accounts and use it for free forever.

Fact 98

Worried about security? Well so are we! Our automatic backups mean that you can take the whole system down and get it back up and running 15 minutes flat. No, really – try it.

Fact 4 1/2

Have a nice cup of piece of mind. Our SSL certificates are free, your backups? Free. Stored in a private cloud, or live and buzzing form your garage. Your choice, none of our business.

Fact N

Control access by location, device, IP or user. Put a VPN or swamp through DARKNET. Maximum security.

Sign up now

Won’t cost you a kidney.

Another Fact

If you are already paying for other services, AppsForce produces ROI in six months. Go on - run the numbers.

How many more facts?

If you are already paying for other services, AppsForce produces ROI in six months.

Did we have fact 4?

Lacking conscientiousness in hardware? No problem, all data is stored in your system - live. No lost tablet, phone or laptop should ever result in significant data-loss again (well… we’re not giving warranty on that server in your basement though – that’s your business.

Fact 4. Who cares?

In five minutes you’ll add all your people to the system so they can start working. You're in control of who sees what and when.

I am scared

Is AppsForce Skynet?